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styleBREAKER's soft 3-strand bracelet with dreamcatcher amulet, feather and gem pendant, rhinestones, chain, snakeskin print and magnetic clasp.

The dreamcatcher finds it origin in Native American culture. The belief is that the dreamcatcher only allows the good dreams through the net as you sleep, with the bad dreams remaining caught in the dreamcatcher's net, before being neutralised by the sunlight the following day. The soft bracelet with the dreamcatcher amulet stylishly combines this symbol with rhinestone, chain and snakeskin print features and, together with the feather pendant, makes for a real eye-catcher.

- Wraps twice around the wrist
- Magnetic clasp
- Sparkling rhinestones and a chain
- Cool snakeskin print and feather pendant
- Dreamcatcher amulet set with rhinestones
- High-quality finish
- High-quality material
- Material: 100% PU + rhinestones
- Length x width: approx. 39.7 x 1.7 cm

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