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styleBREAKER's sound balls fitting to our angel bells.

- individual delicate sound of the sound ball in motion
- no obtrusive sound of the ball, pleasant and unobtrusive
- by ringing our guardian angel is called to our side
- quality workmanship
- high quality material
- material: painted metal
- diameter: 16 mm
- matching angel bell Art.Nr.: 05030001

color meanings:
- brown: fertility, richness and abundance of soil, comfort and warmth in us
- red: strength, fire, passion and love
- blue: feelings, changes, responsibilities and power of concentration
- gold: richness, birth of the sun, ambitious, wealth and happiness
- mint: vivid serenity
- black: mysterious, elegant, have no fear, put everything on one card
- green: hope, health, balance and honesty, element of security, controlled hope and illusion
- turquoise: evenness, honesty, communication and self-confidence
- purple: independence, freedom of expression and balance
- pink: strength of character, dominance, self-confidence, sense of style
- grey: neutrality, wisdom, wise decisions, see the whole and tolerance for other opinions
- wine red: stimulating, activating and exciting, promotes dynamics, ideal for fatigue and exhaustion

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